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Bridal Parties

Look your best for your big day and treat your bridal party to a day of self-care right here in McKinney, Texas!

Tox & Filler Parties

We offer great discounts for filler parties. Bring your besties for a day of pampering in our aesthetics clinic and have perfect pouts on your wedding day.

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Our Filler Products




IV Parties

Get group rates on rehydrating IV therapies to recover after your bachelorette party to get you out of the hangover and back to wedding planning before you know it!

Our IV Therapies

Myers Cocktail

Immune Boost

Skinny Shot Cocktail

Vitamin B12 Injection

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Clinical Weight Loss

Looking to shed pounds before your wedding?

Our clinical weight loss injections are clinically-proven and physician-monitored to provide incredible results. We offer both overall weight loss and targeted solutions towards tricky trouble areas that are harder to attack. The results are impressive, and our providers will work with you to cater to your specific goals.


Our expert nurse practitioners monitor this five-month program that produces incredible results. Studies show an average of 12.4% body weight loss making it the ideal solution for patients who want to achieve moderate weight loss, leading to healthier lifestyle habits that will keep the weight off.


Also a five-month program administered by our clinical professional, Tirzepatide is targeted toward patients whose goals include losing up to 20% of their body weight. This additional weight loss can lead to healthier habits and encourage continued lifestyle changes.

Targeted Weight Loss

Double chin no more! Targeted injections are ideal for specific pain points, such as eliminating a double chin, bra line fat, or love handles. The number of injections used depends on the patient, so consult with our providers today!